Author Topic: Despite best efforts to collimate scope, stars look like planets - suggestions?  (Read 5691 times)


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I think sessions will be restricted to the weekends for me now, so we'll see what happens in April.  The old aperture fever gets everyone in then end.  I started off with a 6" Newtonian when I was in Aberdeen and we had access to a couple of really dark sites.  The views in it were pretty good.
When I came back to the Central Belt, nowhere could match the darkness in Aberdeen, so the aperture started to creep up.  I had almost two seasons with an 8" dob and stuck a Telrad on it.  That improved my object-hunting skills vastly.  I was then on the look out for better eyepieces when the chance to buy the 10" came along (with better eyepieces, so a win-win).
Now that it's dialled in again, I'll be sticking with it for a while.  The challenge is to find darker sites in locations with different weather conditions (East can be better than West sometimes, so a few site options increases the opportunities, I hope).  At the moment, I use Harperrigg, Moorfoot and Loudoun Hill.  I'd like another dark option in the West and maybe somewhere in the North, as these sites are all south of me.  I'm going to make an effort to find something during the off season.
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I live on a farm high in the hills.

Would it be worth asking the Farmer if we can use his fields as a regular base for group, or single viewings?

There are some bitmac roads through the estate to nearby housing, so access is not a problem.
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