Author Topic: Astronomy Groups near East Kilbride for kids?  (Read 1687 times)


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Astronomy Groups near East Kilbride for kids?
« on: March 17, 2016, 06:55:56 PM »
Hi all,
I was talking to a colleague of mine today who's 13 year old has just chosen his subjects at school and had chosen cosmology and physics. He has a strong interest in astronomy/astrobiology etc and my colleague was asking if I knew of any groups or societies that he could take him along to which would not be too 'stuffy' for a 13 year old.
They live near East Kilbride on the Glasgow train route (though they also have a car)

Any ideas folks? I could only think of Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Clydesdale but I don't know how teen friendly they are?

Steve/James: I'm also going to pass on the details for Cosmos as that's something his school would be interested in :)